Discover the Limitless Scale of Cloud-Native Games

The power available in the cloud is set to transform game design. Download The Cloud-Native Gaming Handbook and discover the next level of scale in video games.

Aether Engine Octree

Unprecedented Realism, Complexity and Scale

Cloud computing has ushered in an era new possibility. Realising this potential, however, requires an overhaul of the existing infrastructure. Currently, cloud-native game development is slowed down by sprawling toolchains and bloated middleware that cause extensive delays and high costs.

Hadean’s Aether Engine uses a distributed octree structure that dynamically allocates resources to complex and intensive CPU regions for unprecedented performance and scale.

By providing an automatic scaling system, the troubles of manual provisioning are avoided and development is simplified. Taking advantage of the scale available in the cloud is finally possible.


Download Cloud-Native Game Design Handbook

This eBook explores how cloud-native games offer:

  • A more intuitive approach to game design
  • The opportunity to create previously unimaginable depth
  • A faster, cheaper and more efficient approach to game development

“Hadean’s Aether Engine is a game-changer that opens up a range of new design possibilities — not just for games like Minecraft, but for streaming platforms, developer communities, and even enterprise applications.”

Michael Weilbacher, CTO & Director of Engineering, Minecraft

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