Aether Engine Datasheet

Create Simulations of Unprecedented Scale

Simulations are currently constrained by a lack of processing power, which limits scale, complexity and fidelity, as well as restricting the number of connections. This prevents sectors such as online gaming, military training, and virtual events, where speed, reliability and user experience are all vital, from reaching their full potential. 

Aether Engine is a breakthrough spatial simulation application built on Hadean. It dynamically scales to meet the computational demand, whether that’s an influx of connections, simulating millions of entities or adapting to changes in real-time data. 

In this datasheet, you will learn more about Aether Engine’s features, such as:

  • Scale invariance 
  • Unlimited connections 
  • Single sharded worlds
  • Dynamic scaling 


City Octree Aether

By breaking this paradigm, vast immersive worlds can be brought to life without fear of overwhelming the simulation, or the spiralling costs typically associated with over-provisioned architectures.

Download the Aether Engine Datasheet and discover how your organisation can rapidly build simulations of unprecedented scale.

Download the Datasheet