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The only distributed computing platform built for real-time, limitless, cloud-native computing

What is the Hadean Platform?

Hadean is a distributed computing platform underpinning a number of application libraries built for real-time, limitless, cloud-native computing.

It sits close to the metal and implements a unique process model that transforms the reliability and scalability of distributed computing, ensuring any application built on it is distributed and dynamically scalable by default.

The Distributed Process Model

The Distributed Computing Process Model

Dynamic scale is an intrinsic property of Hadean and is achieved without specialist frameworks, enterprise architecture or complex engineering.

Instead, Hadean uses a unique distributed process model, which enables developers to program using robust, theoretically-sound primitives that preserve crucial properties in behaviour and execution.

We call this capability “scale-invariance” and it is the core property upon which all Hadean libraries rely.

The Old High Performance Computing Way

The Old Way

Traditional high performance computing relies on excessive amounts of middleware, resulting in complex development, expensive ops and high failure rates.

The Hadean Distributed Computing Model

The Hadean Way

Hadean removes all bottlenecks during runtime and allows full scalability of an infrastructure, eliminating the need for containerisation and middleware. 


Hyper Scale Computing


Parallel computing at limitless scale provides access to more computational power than ever before.
Cloud Native Architecture


Building directly onto the cloud provides faster response time, higher throughput and increased input/output operations per second.
Dynamic Scalability


Remove unnecessary infrastructure costs and automatically scale according to computational requirements.
Isolated Processes


Hadean’s processes are strongly isolated ensuring they cannot observe or over-allocate resources interfering with other processes that are running.
Single Abstraction


Hadean is designed as a single abstraction to remove the bloatware and reduce complexity of programming.


By removing the unnecessary elements found in existing tools for legacy reasons, Hadean’s platform emphasises distributed computing in the cloud world.

Explore Applications Built on Hadean

Spatial Simulation

Spatial Simulation

Enable high fidelity and immense scale spatial simulation for unprecedented results.

Distributed Data Streaming

Globally Distributed Data Streaming

Global distributed network communication that provides real-time streaming and event handling.

Big Data Processing

Big Data Processing

Simplify big data and generate meaningful insights, without worrying about manual effort or infrastructure costs.


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