Hadean raises $2.6m seed round to end Big Data failure

* Company raises $2.6m seed round to revolutionise the way code runs at scale and eliminate the need for Big Data ops and tuning
* Company in Beta with customers across financial services, genomics research and enterprise

09 May 2017 – London, UK // Hadean, the distributed computing platform, today announced it has raised a seed round of $2.6m. The round was led by , with participating.

Hadean was founded by Rashid Mansoor (CEO) and Alec Mocatta (Chief Architect) to solve one of the greatest roadblocks facing organisations working with Big Data. While writing code may take a data scientist a matter of hours, putting that code into production at scale can take a team of engineers months due to failures at the edge – escalating cost, increasing risk and stifling innovation.

Hadean is the first company to reengineer the entire compute stack, replacing millions of lines of code developed over decades with just eight thousand lines optimised expressly for the demands of distributed computing.

Using Hadean, a single developer can deploy and run code at any scale using their existing tool chain (Rust, C, Linux etc.) – and crucially, without the need for any of the ops or tuning traditionally associated with Big Data. This results in exponentially faster iteration on data, a known enterprise marker for competitive advantage.

Alec Mocatta, Hadean’s Chief Architect and cofounder said; “Today’s Big Data solutions are built on a software stack that exhibits unpredictable behaviour, even at a few hundred gigabytes of data. The greater the data scale, the greater the number of machines and failures at the edge and the greater the engineering resource that’s required to put code into production. By eliminating decades of software abstraction and eliminating failure at scale, for the first time we're approaching what’s theoretically possible with Big Data and it’s very exciting.”

Having launched in 2016, the company is now in beta with customers operating across finance, genomics and enterprise. The $2.6m seed round will be used to build out Hadean’s development team and scale the technology towards open availability in 2017.

Isabel Fox, Head of Venture at White Cloud Capital and lead investor, said; “Hadean has the potential to transform the way any enterprise and organisation dependent on Big Data operates, unlocking tremendous opportunity for rapid innovation across every conceivable market vertical. The customer traction the team has created during its Beta phase over the past six months has been highly impressive. We’re excited to lead this seed round of $2.6m and support the company as it moves towards open availability later this year.”

Rashid Mansoor, Hadean’s CEO and cofounder, said; “Many organisations develop highly valuable algorithms, but never put them into production due to the massive inefficiencies and paralysing complexity of today’s Big Data infrastructure. Hadean empowers individual developers to iterate rapidly at cloud-scale, unleashing unprecedented productivity gains. We’re delighted to work with such an experienced and visionary consortium of investors as we scale the company and change the landscape of compute.”

Hadean will be presenting at the conference in Berlin on Wednesday 10 May.


About Hadean:

Hadean is a distributed compute platform. It transforms the way enterprise extracts actionable information from Big Data. With Hadean, a single developer is able to run code at massive scale using their existing tool chain – and crucially, without the need for any ops or tuning traditionally associated with Big Data. This transforms the way enterprise and research innovate.

Launched in 2016, Hadean is a privately-owned company headquartered in London and funded by a consortium of investors including White Cloud Capital and Entrepreneur First. Hadean is in beta with customers across finance, genomics and enterprise. Open availability is slated for 2017.

For more information, contact Hadean’s CMO, Tamara Sword: / +44 20 3287 9840

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