Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin

Revolutionise your industrial operations and logistics

Limitless compute power for enterprise simulation

Technological innovations are driving a change in industry:
  • Edge computing – the advent of the edge and IoT devices has been one of the main drivers in industry 4.0 and resulted in billions of connected devices
  • Cloud adoption – cloud adoption is now ubiquitous and has resulted in the emergence of cloud-native tooling and applications, opening up the possibility of more powerful applications
  • 5G – faster networking promise to open up a plethora of opportunity within IoT
  • Big data – the ever increasing amount of unstructured, real-world and real-time data enables for greater fidelity in models and simulations
Industry 4.0 Overview
Digital Twin
These technologies offer a number of business values:
  • Faster time to market: better recognize long-lead-time components and impact to supply
  • Operations cost: improve product design and engineering change execution, performance of equipment, reduce operations and process variability
  • Revenue growth: identify products that are ready for upgrade, improve efficiency and cost to service product
  • Predictive analysis: avoid disasters that can ruin batches of a product or break capital
  • Better insight: uncover the emergent behaviour of processes and systems
  • Capacity planning: understand the implication of changes in processes, keeping them within your risk tolerance

Hadean Provides the Ultimate Compute Platform for these Technologies

A single source of truth

 Providing an open and extensible architecture that integrates COTS/GOTS software, simulations and data within an inoperable cloud-native environment.

Large-scale and high fidelity 

 Model complex project and operational initiatives that can’t be done today with millions of entities, complex physics dynamics, and best-in-class reality modelling

Deliver insight to point of need 

 Run thousands of simulations in parallel to enable precise analyis of complex operations and project deliveries. Deliver insight to point of need across any common operating environment

Key Benefits


Massive Scale

Hadean’s Aether Engine scales across different processors and physical machines, utilising more computing power as the simulation grows in complexity and size – enabling unprecedented numbers of entity counts.

Reduced Barrier to Entry

Hadean provides a proprietary solution that can plugin to existing architectures by managing the configuration of all infrastructure, server management and maintenance regardless of the specific process it underpins

Unparalleled Connectivity

With Hadean’s Muxer, thousands of devices can be connected across a distributed network, with features such as net relevancy ensuring low bandwidth to allow real-time data streaming.

Improved Analysis and Insight

Run multiple simulations in parallel and change variables before rerunning from user defined checkpoints to give insightful analysis into your processes.

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