Solve the industry’s biggest challenges, from the cell to society, with faster and more reliable results

Accelerate Time To Breakthrough

Overcome the computational engineering challenges holding back some of the world’s most fundamental problems in biomedical science and unlock massive computational power and scale to running complex applications in the cloud, without researchers needing to learn specialist skills.

Enabling impactful clinical research projects with Aether Engine

Aether Engine provides a dedicated simulation library that brings the power and performance of HPC workflows to the commodity cloud, providing a faster, more cost-effective path for running large-scale simulations.

Customer Success

Human Lung Viral Replication Simulation

Aether Engine, an application built on Hadean’s platform has been used by the Francis Crick’s Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory to accelerate the simulation of COVID-19 virus transmission around the human lung network.

An accessible and fully customisable development environment is enabling clinical researchers to produce at-scale analyses of the current epidemic.

COVID-19 Contagion Modelling

Aether Engine ran a multi-agent spatial simulation to model pathogen spread along the UK road network.

In just 48 hours, we created a simulation that modelled movement in London and Liverpool to assess the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of intervention on transmission rates. 

Modelling Protein-Protein Interactions

The Francis Crick’s Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory were able to scale Cross-Docking, a new technique supporting drug design.

We were able to significantly reduce the computation time required to sample millions of possible protein structures and the results were published in the journal, Proteins. 


Create Full-Scale Simulations in Days

Overcome the limitations of existing application development in life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications to create simulations that can model the most complex problems using the power of Hadean.

Reliability at Massive Scale

Hadean transforms the reliability and scalability of distributed computing. By rewriting two basic functions of the Linux kernel, it allows a computational task to be efficiently split and allocated to any number of CPUs within any given cloud system.

Accelerate Breakthroughs

Real-time, limitless scalability of Hadean’s big data processing allows breakthroughs in your most complex problems with reduced time, effort and cost.

Remove limitations holding breakthroughs back with Hadean’s simulation engine designed for mass scale simulations built in reduced time.

Find out how your organisation can rapidly prototype massive scale simulations and make better decisions from cell to society.

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