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Accelerate Time To Breakthrough

Aether Engine provides scientists and healthcare organisations the ability to rapidly build massively scalable simulations with greater fidelity and complexity, leading to more accurate models and expedited decision making.

In the light of events such as the global pandemic, the healthcare and life sciences industry faces many challenges in making informed decisions quickly through sophisticated simulations that model reality. One such set of challenges is the associated complexity of configuring the underlying infrastructure as simulations scale in complexity to replicate the world around us, and the inability to tweak parameters and edit algorithms in an easy and iterative manner to elicit impactful insight swiftly.

Aether Engine is a spatial simulation library that natively understands massively-distributed workloads, removing the need for researchers to understand the complexities of distributed programming as well as the physical boundaries of a shared supercomputing infrastructure. 

By leveraging an octree data structure, Aether Engine is capable of provisioning and de-provisioning compute power across any number of cloud servers, optimising compute and enabling unbounded scale through massively distributed computing. The Hadean Platform underpinning Aether Engine, has been architected to remove the reliance on complex middleware and make this performance at scale possible. By reducing millions of lines of code the computation runs on bare metal, significantly reducing the risk of failure.


Unprecedented Scale and Reality

Create simulations with unbounded scale and fidelity through the power of massively distributed computing, to model the most complex problems from cells to society

Iteration and Interactivity

Tweak parameters and edit simulation algorithms in an easy and iterative manner without the need to continually configure underlying infrastructure

Accelerate Breakthroughs

By rapidly building sophisticated simulations that model reality, researchers can elicit impactful insight swiftly to accelerate breakthroughs

Customer Success

Human Lung Viral Replication 

Aether Engine has been used by the Francis Crick to simulate COVID-19 virus transmission around the human lung network.

An accessible and fully customisable development environment is enabling clinical researchers to produce at-scale analyses of the current epidemic.

COVID-19 Contagion Modelling

Aether Engine ran a multi-agent spatial simulation to model pathogen spread along the UK road network.

In just 48 hours, we created a simulation that modelled movement in London and Liverpool to assess the spread of Covid-19 and the impact of intervention on transmission rates. 

Modelling Protein-Protein Interactions

The Francis Crick’s Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory were able to scale Cross-Docking, a new technique supporting drug design.

We were able to significantly reduce the computation time required to sample millions of possible protein structures and the results were published in the journal, Proteins. 

Contagion Modelling Aether Engine

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Creating agent based models of COVID-19 virus transmission around the human lung network with The Francis Crick Institute.

Virtual Experiences

An Interactive Data Visualisation of COVID-19

Using Aether Engine to build agent-based simulations which look at how coronavirus (COVID-19) is transmitted across the UK.

Enabling Better Decisions with Multi-Agent Systems

As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, new data will emerge and it’s vital that governments can rapidly and effectively respond.

Find out how your organisation can rapidly prototype massive scale simulations and make better decisions from cell to society.

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