Hadean: Situational Awareness and Decision Support Platform

Complexity is the enemy of preparedness. We are all facing an increased level of complexity as battlefields become more global, diverse and disruptive. And advances in technology add to a flurry of real real time data to be handled, interpreted and analysed for better operational decision making.

There are numerous challenges to be resolved: 

  • How does your customer overcome the complexity of simulating real world scenarios? 
  • How does your customer achieve situational awareness in training or operations?
  • How does your customer continuously evolve their training?
  • How do you help your customer with operational efficiency in logistics?
  • How does your customer plan, monitor, manage and assess operations for better decisions and better results?

Hadean’s Capabilities and Outcomes

Hadean’s Distributed Cloud Platform enables enhanced situational awareness and decision support for efficiency and operations optimisation in Defence and Aviation.

Planning and Decision Support

  • High quality predictions by using multiple scenarios in battlefield, flight paths, supply chain planning and logistics
  • Improve planning for optimised operations and resource allocation and efficiency

Situational Awareness

  • Enables high quality decisions by interactively exploring unlimited live simulations and what-if scenarios
  • Empower personnel to train and operate with high quality insight

Single Synthetic Environments

  • Power multi-domain simulations with millions of entities and participants integrated across multiple levels
  • Simulate the complexity and fidelity of real-world scenarios

Distributed Digital Twins

  • Replicates complex systems in high-fidelity, massive scale digital twins.
  • predict and analyse every scenario outcome and make data-driven decisions for high quality prediction and better risk management

Case Studies

CAE: Single Synthetic Environment

Hadean has agreed on a deal with CAE for a multi-project delivery and co-development of the CAE simulation platform.

  • Simulation of over 2 million complex entities
  • Over 300 concurrent interacting users
  • Full scale city environment with realistic citizen behaviour
  • Cloud and client agnostic

“Hadean is quickly developing a strong reputation based upon the real performance of its new and exciting products both in its core gaming sector and now in non-adjacent industry applications.”

– Andrew Naismith – Managing Director, Defence & Security, CAE (UK) PLC

CERVUS: Planning and Decision Support

Hadean and Cervus.ai have been working together to demonstrate simulations federation combined with AI to drive higher grade of decision accuracy.

  • Joint solution to accelerate the ability to connect simulation data and rapidly analyse, to create meaningful and impactful insights
  • Orchestration of multi-simulation environment on Hadean’s dynamically distributed computing platform
  • Cervus The Forge simulation analytics
  • A UK Defence and Security Accelerator programme

“Cervus are immensely proud to be working with our partners at Hadean. The compute power needed to run multiple simulations to quickly examine different courses of action has limited the way we deliver decision support to date. Integrating our analytics engine, Hive 2.0, with MAK and Antycip’s world class simulation products and Hadean’s distributed computing platform, will significantly reduce the associated costs and increase the speed of wargaming and experimentation. We also recognise training and operation applications in this capability, similar to those which we recently demonstrated at the recent Army Warfighting Experiment 21 and we look forward to prototyping at pace, alongside the British Army, supported by the excellent DASA team.” 

Alan Roan, MD of Cervus.ai

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