Muxer: Globally Distributed Data Streaming

Bidirectional, mass scale information streaming between simulation and client

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What is Muxer?

What is Muxer?

Muxer is an application library that provides real-time streaming and event handling.

Located close to the client, it is composed of a library for event forwarding and a netcode implementation to handle interest management (network relevancy.) It uses a binary space partitioning tree to prioritise which data gets sent to a client and reduce bandwidth.

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Muxer and Aether Engine

When used in combination with Aether Engine, Muxer ensures low latency, globally distributed simulations are made available to hundreds of thousands of connected clients to monitor, view and interact with in real-time.

Muxer also enables client authentication, which protects the simulation from client misbehaviour such as failing to accept updates or sending too much event data back to the simulation.


Hyper Scale Computing


The interest management (network relevancy) decides which data gets sent to a client in order to optimise bandwidth usage. It reconstructs the simulation state on Muxer, storing it in a binary space partitioning tree in order to efficiently query which information is relevant to each client.

Cloud Native Architecture


The optimal trade-off between speed and fidelity will vary from simulation to simulation. As such, our net relevancy implementation is easily customisable.

A core belief of Hadean is to provide great defaults, but also be completely customisable.

Cloud Native Architecture


Muxer makes extensive use of asynchronous I/O, ensuring thousands of connections are handled simultaneously without needing a single thread per client.

Customer Success

CCP Games

CCP Games used Muxer to maintain game experience for tens of thousands of players around the world, in a single Eve Online game.

“Hadean’s technology has the potential to unlock huge creative and design-orientated freedom within virtual worlds such as EVE.”

–Hilmar Petursson, CEO CCP Games


  • Players from 120 countries with 8 x client servers (Muxers) in EU, UK, USA, APAC. Single global shard distributed across 3 continents/6 regions.
  • Eve Aether Wars ran 10k players at 30hz without interruption.
  • 5x bandwidth reduction // 3x cost efficiency.
  • Prototype completed in 8 weeks by a team of 7 developers.

Aether Engine: Spatial Simulation

Aether Engine, the spatial simulation application, utilises dynamic resource allocation and unbounded spatial scaling to enable complex, high fidelity simulations.

Find out how Muxer delivers low latency, globally distributed simulation

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