Deliver unprecedented levels of complexity and realism to tens of thousands of players

Unlimited Game Performance at Scale

Aether Engine enables developers to build large and complex multiplayer worlds that sit outside the confines of player counts, entity counts, physics limits and AI limits, without the costs typically associated with DevOps teams.

Today, game engines are constrained by the processing power of a single machine or server, limiting the aspirations of designers, and denying players a truly immersive experience. It has forced us to experience games within a set of seemingly immutable set of confines, including finite artificial intelligence, overly simplified physics and limited player counts. 

The Hadean solution is designed to invert these traditional constraints and open up areas of new possibility. Aether Engine provides the power and scalability to create new games of immeasurable complexity and detail. Vast immersive worlds can be brought to life by high-fidelity landscapes, characters and cities, and underpinned by true to life physics that directly impacts gameplay. In terms of scope, Muxer opens up games to hundreds of thousands of users. Running in edge datacentres and operating an asynchronous architecture, this content delivery network eliminates design constraints around users per room and enables rich social interactions.


Performance at Scale

Sophisticated artificial intelligence, high-fidelity and complex physics are computationally intensive and limited in their use. With dynamic, distributed scalability it’s possible to introduce complexity and realism previously considered impossible.

Simplified Operations

Hadean eliminates excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering, allowing game developers to build, ship and scale their games quickly, effectively and at lower costs to the studio or publisher.

Unlimited Player Counts

Current engines can’t support vast numbers of players and struggle to cope with more than a hundred at any given time. Hadean’s distributed network layer invites unlimited players from across the world, enabling games to become a social platform.

Technology Agnostic

Integrated with popular game engines (inc. UE4 & Unity) and 3rd party SDKs to fit into an existing workflow. Aether Engine’s plugin based architecture is very flexible supporting PhysX, EnTT and Recast/Detour amongst others.

Customer Success

Creating New Minecraft Experiences

We are delighted to be working with Mojang Studios on the best-selling game of all time, Minecraft, to increase player capacity and explore new gameplay possibilities.

The project will integrate Aether Engine into the Minecraft architecture to enable new scalable game modes.

MMO Gaming at Scale

Hadean and creators of EVE Online, CCP Games collaborated on a development workstream called EVE Aether Wars to transform the number of players in the world’s most successful MMO game.

The project culminated in a world record for the “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP videogame battle.

Powering Xsolla’s Game Carnival

Aether Engine and Muxer sat at the heart of Xsolla’s Unconventional Game Carnival, delivering a successful virtual event with a greater degree of scale and immersion.

Two engineers were able to integrate the Aether Engine into an existing project in just six weeks. Scale tests proved the conference was capable of supporting 500 connected users (players), smashing through the previous limit of 100.

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