What’s New On the Hadean Platform (SDK)

A quick update on our continued work on the Hadean Platform.

26 October 2021
Aidan Hobson Sayers

Last month, we released the free trial version of the Hadean Platform. We’ve been thrilled to provide access to a core piece of our distributed cloud technology. We have a few updates on its development, including getting it to work with the language Python.

Since its release, we’re continuing to enhance the core functionality and available features of our SDK – we have many features in our internal SDK that aren’t yet available externally. Our key focuses have been around APIs for tracing, essential for analysing the performance of distributed applications, as well as our ‘machine’ APIs for reasoning about machines that processes are located on. Getting this done is just a lot of FFI work!

Another development has been in enabling the SDK to work with the language Python. Language agnosticity is important for us at Hadean and so getting the platform to work with Python was a key goal of ours. Below you can watch a video that demonstrates us running an example ray tracing application built on a Python ray tracing library.


Lastly, we also had a blog post on the SDK written by one of our key Rust engineers, Alexei. This blog takes you through the various parts of the platform and explains in more detail how they come together. For those of you wanting to understand a little more behind it, read the blog here.

We hope you’re enjoying using the Hadean Platform and we look forward to further building this version out for you, so you can see with greater clarity the awesome power available with Hadean.