Thank You for Joining us at DSET 2021!

by Events

After such a turbulent year, with a number of exciting events having to be put on hold or placed in the virtual sphere, it was a fantastic experience meeting in person again at DSET 2021. It truly felt like a return to normality, while the virtual platform running alongside provided access to even more participants than expected. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed DSET, both those of us physically there and those joining remotely – and we learnt a lot from the experience!

The presence of so many industry experts and innovative companies produced a number of highly informative presentations and discussions. In a highly unpredictable world, the importance of insightful decision support and synthetic training environments has never been stronger, with a number of new threats on the horizon. The information shared will undoubtedly better enable us to find solutions to these modern problems. At Hadean, we’re excited to contribute to this with our distributed platform that enables truly unparalleled scale of simulation. 

Our fireside chat was an extremely enjoyable experience, and we thank Phaedra Boinodiris, Chris Nott and Stephen Gordon for their discussion on ‘Earning Trust in Defence Simulations’.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about how Hadean is helping transform the defence industry. Or download our datasheet to see how our technology can ultimately improve your simulations, decision support and scenario planning.

We are looking forward to DSET 2022 and hope the event is as memorable as this year!