The Military Metaverse: alive and kicking

We had a highly productive and well received attendance at I/ITSEC 2022. One of the pertinent outcomes was the role Hadean is playing to drive the development of the Military Metaverse.

Following I/ITSEC 2022 – delivering real solutions through the Military Metaverse

After a standout attendance at I/ITSEC 2022, talk of the military metaverse dominated many of the conversations. What benefits can this merging of digital and physical realities bring to the defence sector?

All roads lead to I/ITSEC…a blog series – Part 4

synthetic environments with Hadean

Being at the forefront of technology is nothing new for the Defence industry. We are now at the precipice of the latest frontier – the Military Metaverse. What will it take to bring it to full realisation?

All roads lead to I/ITSEC…a blog series – part 3

Building a credible and trusted reputation in any industry is a difficult feat, achieving this in the most demanding sector in the world — Defence — is even more so. Read on to find out how we did it.

All roads lead to I/ITSEC…a blog series – part 2

In the second of our I/ITSEC 2022 blog series, we continue to chart the journey Hadean has made from successfully cementing our place in the gaming sector to establishing a solid position within the Defence industry.

All roads lead to I/ITSEC…a blog series

Digital transformation of Defence

Welcome to our blog series, leading up to our attendance at this year’s I/ITSEC conference, where we will be charting our journey from a startup tech company working on revolutionising the computing world to becoming a trusted defence partner.