QBR and Hadeathon 2021

by Events, Hadean Team

Last week, the Hadean team got together, both in-person and remotely, for our Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and Hadeathon. With 68 people spread across 7 countries, it’s sometimes challenging to build a shared sense of culture and build relationships, but this didn’t stop us from creating opportunities for our team to get to know each other better, make memories, and build trust that helps teams succeed wherever they are in the world. 



Hadeathon 2021

1 week. 18 teams. 18 products. 1 Platform.

The annual company hackathon is part of the innovation culture in Hadean. Individuals from all departments organise into teams to ideate and prototype new features, tools and even products that we can build on the Hadean Platform to solve our customer’s challenges. Historical winners have included our spatial simulation library, Aether Engine – now in use with customers such as Minecraft and CAE!

This year’s Hadeathon saw a total of 18 teams work on their ideas and products for a week. As ‘founders’, we have to identify and validate a problem, build a prototype and prove business viability. We also got to work with teams from other departments that we wouldn’t usually get to know in our day-to-day work. 

Each team pitched their ideas during the two-day QBR. Out of 18 teams, only 6 make it to the final round where we have to map out their big bets and product roadmap and present it to the whole company. The top 3 winning teams receive a hefty cash prize, plus the chance to have their idea implemented on the product roadmap.

A Hybrid Event

Normally we would fly our team from across the globe for the QBR. However, with travel restrictions due to Covid, we have to run a hybrid event, and our people’s ops team ensured the virtual team didn’t feel like they’re missing out. We set up a video and audio feed for our remote teams and had drinks and food delivered so they could be part of the happy hour and team dinner.

Quarterly Business Review

The Hadean team is growing by the day. The quarterly business review allows our leadership team to share key learnings from the previous quarters and for the wider team to share stories from the trenches.  It helps us promote transparency into how all the departments are performing, and align on the overall vision for Hadean moving forward.

The ideas generated and the bonds formed in these 2 days are truly priceless. It inspires us to do better in our work and gives us a deeper connection as a team as we work towards our vision.

“Our vision and the team is the key. They are bold in their thinking and super smart, but also know how to work together. Authenticity, trust, respect and fun – these values create the environment that means we can tackle big problems, together. Problems that if solved change the world”

– Craig Beddis, CEO, HADEAN