Meet the Team: Q&A with Anthony Perera (Strategy & Operations Manager)

by Hadean Platform, Hadean Team

What is your role at Hadean? What does an average week look like for you?

I’m a Strategy & Operations Manager at Hadean. I partner with different departments across the company: from Finance & Operations, Product, Marketing and Sales on various projects that span Product Strategy, GTM Strategy, Product Marketing, Operational Excellence, Internal Comms to Fundraising. Ultimately, my role is to support and guide the business along the right path to achieve its long-term goals in one way or another. As such, a typical week will be mostly spent working and collaborating with colleagues on two or three departmental or cross-functional initiatives.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variation always keeps me on my toes, and I am always learning new things from all the brilliant people we have at Hadean. Compared to previous strategy roles I’ve had in the past, I get to execute much more which gives me a first hand perspective of the challenges in building a company. 

What led you to the role of Strategy & Operations Manager at Hadean?

The people, the technology, and the exciting stage where the company is at led me to join Hadean. The technology we are building at Hadean is truly game-changing and the impact it can have is far-reaching (check out our work in the Life Sciences). This, coupled with the varied experiences of the role, truly great people, and energetic culture was a clear draw for me.

What top three skills or traits do you think someone needs to pursue a role as Strategy & Operations Manager?

  1. Curiosity and objectivity – have a natural curiosity to learn and dig deeper into problems, pursuing facts from opinions
  2. Big picture thinking, small picture action – be able to think big picture and plan strategically but also dig into the details and execute on the tactical actions and milestones that will help you get you there
  3. Problem solving mindset – motivated to find solutions to complex problems, by working with the wider team to break down problems to their constituent parts and identifying the root causes

What are some of the most exciting challenges you face day-to-day and how do you overcome them?

Day-to-day I am frequently working on projects that I am not an expert at, which means constantly having to be objective on what I know vs what I think I know, and balancing this with the urgency of execution. Having to learn from various resources, and leveraging the people around me is how I overcome such challenges. As such, this learning journey is definitely one of the perks of the job.
In a broader sense, as a deeptech startup we are on a never-ending product-market fit journey – we can’t let our foot off the gas, we have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for all signals to inform our decisions as we evolve and tighten our proposition.

How would you describe Hadean’s culture?

I’d say the words bold, passionate, authentic come to mind. We are all very passionate about what we are building here, and strive to solve the toughest problems. Despite the challenges these bring in a fast moving startup, there is genuine respect, friendships and camaraderie between us all.

What would you say is the most fulfilling part of your role at Hadean?

Being part of building a company is always exciting and exhilarating, let alone a company at the cutting edge of technology. This has culminated in seeing our partners (from world renowned scientific institutions to some of the biggest games) achieve feats that were previously unachievable – that is truly fulfilling!