Join Hadean at Rust Conference 2021

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Rust Conf 2021 is Here

For the past couple of months, the Rust conference has been a frequent topic of conversation around Hadean. It’s been an exciting time period and now it’s just around the corner. The Rust Conference kicks off on the 14th of September, with Hadean proudly acting as diamond sponsors. It will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate Rust and the countless doors it has opened for our company.

Since our company’s inception, Rust has enabled Hadean’s technology to offer something truly different. Leveraging Rust’s approach to security, low memory footprint and outstanding performance, allowed Hadean to develop its Distributed Computing Platform, demonstrating robust performance and scaling in various use cases. Rust has given us confidence in the performance and reliability of our platform and products unmatched by any other language, thanks to its unparalleled memory safety, security and handling of concurrent programming safely and efficiently.

The Hadean Platform

It is then, by no accident, that this conference perfectly coincides with the launch of the free SDK trial version of the Hadean platform. This developer friendly platform massively simplifies the development of distributed applications. Allocation of your resources, configuration and setup are all streamlined and it allows you to monitor your applications in real time. Cost is fully optimised thanks to the platform’s dynamic provisioning and security is ensured by its configuration. Discover the friction-free route to cloud-native infrastructure and visit to sign up for the SDK.

This is why Hadean will be attending the conference and showing full support and appreciation for this cutting edge programming language and we really hope to see as many of you as possible there as well. Join us and the rest of the conference on the 14th at

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