Hadean Secure an Epic MegaGrant

by Aether Engine, The Metaverse

We’re pleased to help Unreal Engine developers gain easier access to distributed computing capabilities for creating realistic digital twins, large-scale gaming experiences, and advanced simulations using Hadean’s Aether Engine” 

– Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games

We are delighted to announce that we have been given an Epic MegaGrant for our continued work in integrating Unreal Engine to create massive scale simulations. We’re very proud of our work being recognised and backed by industry giants among so many commendable applicants. The MegaGrant will help us further explore the incredible opportunities available when combining the power of the Hadean platform and Unreal Engine. 

At Hadean, our goal is to enable studios and the Unreal community to build and run the biggest and most sophisticated virtual worlds and experiences. The project helps democratise the power of distributed computing, enabling developers to realise their vision, without needing to worry about computation limits or the complexity of autoscaling algorithms. With the integration of Unreal and Aether Engine, developers will be able to create vast distributed experiences, including enormous MMOs, smart cities, synthetic environments and VR/AR worlds.

How Aether Engine Integrates with Unreal

Aether Engine is a distributed simulation library that dynamically allocates computation resources, enabling unpredictable virtual experiences of massive scale and fidelity. Its powerful load balancing properties allow these worlds to sit outside the confines of limited connections, entity counts and realism.

Unreal clients can be used to create massive gameworlds using Aether’s dynamic scaling. Aether Engine dynamically partitions Unreal gameworlds based on compute load, allocating resources where necessary. On the server side, integration allows a simulation developed inside Unreal’s editor and tooling to be deployed and run by Aether Engine. The Unreal build is distributed to end-user devices as the game client is also deployed via Aether Engine to the cloud and run as Unreal Workers. Aether’s simulation consistency and handover models ensures that a single consistent simulation state is maintained across the entire span of Unreal Workers.

Our Work with Unreal So Far

In gaming we have completed a number of projects that have showcased Aether’s ability to create truly groundbreaking experiences. CCP Games and Hadean collaborated on a development workstream called EVE Aether Wars. Hadean’s solutions allowed CCP Games to dynamically scale massively multiplayer game worlds, integrating with Unreal Engine       to enable faster, more powerful game development. We completed three public tests for EVE Aether Wars, building the first ever truly cloud-native game. The game supported more than 3,750 globally distributed human players in single-shard gameworld.

Outside of gaming, Hadean and Unreal have integrated to create massive simulations for other purposes. CAE is an industry leading simulation company, specialising in training for emergency services, aviation and defence. Currently, they are working to build a next generation training simulator to run full scale city simulations. Using Aether Engine and Unreal Engine, a city scale simulation with over 2million individual entities was created, as well as 300 connected actors using our networking model Muxer. 

Aether Engine and Muxer also sat at the heart of Xsolla’s Unconventional Game Carnival, delivering a successful virtual event with a greater degree of scale and immersion. Two engineers were able to integrate the Aether Engine into an existing project in just six weeks. Scale tests proved the conference was capable of supporting 1000 connected users (players), smashing through the previous limit of 100.

Integration with Unreal Engine means taking advantage of its industry leading features, greater enabling the ability to create next generation simulations.