Hadean Named in Healthcare UK’s ‘First 100 Companies’ in the Digital Health Playbook

by Aether Engine, Hadean Platform, Healthcare

“How do we find the best of British talent in Digital Health that’s ready to go global and link it with that ever expanding worldwide opportunity?  Healthcare UK, part of the Department for International Trade, has invested significant effort to identify, engage with and showcase some of the UK’s leading talent” Dr Mike Short CBE, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Trade

We are excited to announce that we are featuring in Healthcare UK’s ‘First 100’! We feel tremendously proud to be named alongside so many other leading firms committed to the shared goal of transforming digital healthcare. The selected companies were chosen by experts through a diligent process, with the innovation of their solutions and their global outreach being key considerations. 

With greater data connectivity, analysis tools and compute power, digital healthcare is rapidly expanding. Hadean features in the ‘Future Tech’ category, which has a focus on deeper technological solutions and their impact. Our distributed compute platform enables far greater access to the power available in the cloud, opening up huge opportunities for large scale analysis and simulation. Our simulation solution, Aether Engine, demonstrated this with our work with the Francis Crick Institute. In one project, we modelled protein-protein interactions and were able to scale Cross-Docking, a novel technique supporting drug design. We’ve also worked on modelling Covid-19, simulating both the spread of the virus through the population and in the lungs themselves.

Large scale recording and tracking of data is at the heart of digital medicine. Drug design benefits hugely from being able to accelerate the testing process by using the data for numerous simulations. Similarly, these data sets have had a vast impact on personalised medicine, where specific medication can be tailored in line with the available records. But with lots of data comes a high demand for processing power, and the current distributed compute stack is out of date. Aether Engine’s dynamic scaling provides a platform on which huge simulations can take place, providing the necessary power and performance for these large scale operations.

Download the DIT brochure here