Earning Trust in Defence Simulation

by Events, Synthetic Environments

Simulations are crucial for decision-making, especially in an evermore complex world and battlefield. 

The COVID-19 pandemic in particular, has brought into sharp focus the need for scenario analysis to support decision making at the highest level. It has also highlighted the importance of gaining trust from the wider public concerning the data that underpin these simulations, which has been a hot topic as governments are working to regulate the use of data as well as AI that can cause individual or societal harm.

Defence simulations are used to prepare, plan and train commanders and officers in complex scenarios from wargaming through to synthetic training. For governments and defence organisations, the failure to adopt cutting-edge technologies that can enhance such simulations in a timely manner may result in a military disadvantage, while premature adoption without sufficient research and analysis may result in inadvertent harms.

Simulations are built using a multitude of elements that need to be considered: data, AI, and the underlying logic and design. The concern is multi-fold as it involves numerous facets, such as ownership, transparency and bias of data used to inform decision making. Furthermore, these systems also need to be resilient to defend themselves from malicious cyberattacks. 

In partnership with IBM and Red Hat, Hadean will be hosting a fireside chat to discuss how governments can Earn Trust in Defence Simulations at DSET on the 27th of May at 3pm BSTMichael Gunadi from Hadean will be joined by Phaedra Boinodiris (Trust & AI Transformation Leader at IBM), Chris Nott (CTO Government / EMEA at IBM) and Stephen Gordon (Government Digital Transformation Lead at IBM / Red Hat, and Non-Resident Fellow at ISW).

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the session, where we will be discussing how we can build trustworthy simulations. Register for DSET here. 

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