COVID-19 Business Continuity: Maintaining Productivity in the New World of Remote Working

by Hadean Team

Combating COVID-19 is a collective effort that all of us, and not just medical professionals, have responsibility for. In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, our CEO Craig Beddis proactively made the decision two weeks ago to start the process to move the entire business onto a remote working policy. 

Such a radical change however, is not without its challenges.

Ensuring staff feel supported, while maintaining the same levels of productivity is a unique challenge. The company has rolled out a COVID-19 “Business Continuity Plan” to assist with this transition.

Three Pillars for COVID-19 Business Continuity

The plan consists of three main areas: 


Communication is key!

Everyday, we receive updates from leadership, providing clarity around business plans and ensuring we remain connected to each other (and our workload.) The company shared some best practice guidelines for working from home too, encouraging collaboration. 


We have a great company culture at Hadean and this is something we want to replicate to ensure we support each other whilst we are all working at home. It’s important we continue to maintain contact socially, not just as it relates to our work focused activities. Staying positive through these challenging times, ensuring that we collectively make the effort to keep the Hadean spirit very much alive, and where possible keeping our sense of humour! 

There are a number of remote working initiatives such as ‘Rate my Lunch’, Friday talks, and open coffee and lunch breaks amongst others.  We are also sharing ‘work from home fitness’ videos people are using to stay in shape, with one condition – they all have to be to the sound of Rocky theme tune music! Although, Anthony had other ideas… 

It’s Important that we take care of ourselves mentally and physically over the coming weeks and months… and do our best to keep each other smiling!


The biggest risk is that we get caught up with what’s going on around us and don’t deliver! So, we’re keeping many of core Hadean values (e.g. growth mindset, resilience, and grit). If we do this, we will be able to capitalise on the emerging opportunities – so that we not only execute effectively, but emerge stronger. 

3 pillars

In spite of the outbreak, we are utilising our technology for good and recently published our work modelling the spread of COVID-19, illustrating the effect of combining multi-agent systems and spatial simulations which we are exploring further. 

We don’t yet know how long the outbreak will last for but we would like to thank all of the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are working night and day to combat the outbreak and extend compassion to those who have been affected by the virus. Internally, we will continue to confront the situation with calmness, reason, and more importantly, care and support for each other.

If we uphold the three pillars of our plan, we believe we can overcome this obstacle together and emerge stronger