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Deploy massive compute capabilities to analyse data warehouses in real-time 

Beat the Market with Unlimited Compute

Enterprise IT infrastructure was designed for security and has made the development of new solutions a slow and complex task. Financial institutions have recognised the benefits of cloud-native applications to deliver scale and agility, and as the speed and volume of data has increased, organisations must find a way to harness computing power available to them.

The Old Way

Traditional high performance computing relies on excessive amounts of middleware, resulting in complex development, expensive ops and high failure rates.

The Hadean Way

Hadean removes all bottlenecks during runtime and allows full-scalability of an infrastructure, eliminating the need for containerisation and middleware. 

Use Case

Financial Services – Monte Carlo Simulation

A financial services organisation wanted an alternative means to perform a risk analysis across a large portfolio. Mesh was used to run a Monte Carlo simulation to complete a VaR on a financial portfolio.


Massive Power and Scale

For the first time, institutions can apply raw compute power at levels only seen in supercomputing clusters, to gain insight into huge static and real-time data sets.

Deployed across multiple clouds as standard, hedge funds, investment banks and insurance organisations can utilise Hadean’s breakthrough architecture to allow applications to scale dynamically.

Run Full Scale Financial Simulations

Hadean’s data processing and analytics capabilities can be applied to financial forecasting and modelling, cutting the need to create time consuming and resource intensive simulations.

Overcome Technical Talent and Skills Gap

Hadean has been designed to make development easy by removing the need for middleware, allowing the application to be distributed by default onto bare metal cloud that can scale across multiple cloud instances. Complex applications can be built by small teams and deployed in 48 hours, delivering agility and massive cost savings.

Remove the industry disadvantage with agile, cloud-native simulations and big data processing for faster time to market.

Breakthrough infrastructure limits with Hadean

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Explore Applications Built on Hadean

Spatial Simulation

Enable high fidelity and immense scale spatial simulation for unprecedented results.

Globally Distributed Data Streaming

Global distributed network communication that provides real-time streaming and event handling.

Big Data Processing

Simplify big data and generate meaningful insights, without worrying about manual effort or infrastructure costs.