Aether Engine

A spatial simulation engine for the immersive digital and virtual worlds of Web 3.0

Dynamic scale ensures performance even at massive scale, while also reducing DevOps and down-time costs

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Why Use Aether Engine

Aether Engine unlocks greater complexity and scale for spatial simulations. It scales across different processors and physical machines, utilising more computing power as the simulations grow in complexity and size.

Performance at scale

Massive, complex simulations deployed reliably and securely using dynamic scaling

  • Guaranteed performanced with simulations involving millions of entities
  • Automatic provisioning reducing DevOps time
  • Integrates with other spatial, physics or AI libraries

Unlimited connection and user counts

Removal of architectural ceiling on user counts within simulations

  • Previous concurrent limitations smashed with world containing tens of thousands of clients
  • New experiences within more interconnected worlds
  • Distributed networking ensures low latency connections

Optimised resource allocation

Dynamic allocation of computational resources

  • Remove perils of under/over provisioning
  • Ensures compute power available when surge in demand
  • Pay for what you use, with resources deallocated during down time

Rapid development and testing cycles

Developers can build, ship and scale their applications quickly and effectively

  • Elimination of excessive middleware, orchestration and overengineering
  • Code behaves the same locally as it does when deployed to the cloud
  • Faster iteration times and removal of the need for specialist cloud infrastructure expertise

Key benefits

Larger, more complex virtual systems and worlds

Whether you’re building a gorgeous gameworld or an industrial digital twin, Aether Engine opens new design possibilities with it’s greater propensity for scale and fidelity.

Reliable and secure deployment

Aether Engine's performance means you can deploy simulations with certainty of delivery. Avoid the financial risks associated with issues upon launch or crashes at peak times.

Empower developers

Aether Engine opens the door to distributed simulations without the need for knowledge of distributed systems; focus on building and creating, with configuration and scaling taken care of.

Rapid go-to-market

Aether Engine has a simple, user-friendly SDK, which opens up the API for developers. It dramatically reduces build time, enabling you to create your solutions quickly and beat the competition to market.

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