Capture and retain your audience’s attention through bold,
innovative, and interactive experiences.

Digital-native audiences have a blizzard of entertainment options at their fingertips

Perhaps no other area of human activity has been transformed as much and as quickly in the digital-native era as entertainment. The internet has radically inflated the options that audiences have at their fingertips. To capture and get the most out of their audience’s attention in a highly stimulated market, artists, creators, publishers must be bold, inventive and persistent.

The era of the Metaverse offers new ways for brands, publishers, and creators to take fans on engaging journeys around their content and IP.

Exclusive fan experiences
Let fans interact directly with their favourite artists, content creators, and characters in tailored immersive experiences.
Community events
Foster authentic global communities around your creative work or IP through special virtual events that bring your fans closer together.
Retail spaces
Leverage opportunities to extend your merchandise offering through immersive, interactive, and reward-driven customer journeys.
Cross-channel entertainment
Bridge virtual and physical worlds to enhance live events, or tie cohesive entertainment experiences into several media channels at once.
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Entertainment in the Metaverse era

How the Metaverse can transform fan experiences


Reach passionate fans around the world

The hunger for entertainment is global, and passion knows no borders. Metaverse experiences connect new and existing fans from all over the world in interactive virtual spaces where they can learn, shop, play and socialise in direct relationship with their favourite artists, content creators, media franchises, and fan communities.


Take ownership of fan relationships

Entertainers are sustained by their fans, and owe it to them for their support to go both ways. Metaverse experiences allow publishers and creators to provide fans with a range of engaging, playful, and uniquely tailored fan experiences, without relying on 3rd party platforms and publishers to mediate their relationship.


Transform the meaning of live entertainment

In the Metaverse, the virtual and physical worlds become blurred. This gives fans from around the world a chance to enjoy immersive live entertainment in ways that have not previously been possible. Meanwhile, fans attending live events in person can engage with experiences that extend well beyond their immediate physical surroundings.

There is a lot to learn about bringing entertainment into the Metaverse era

Metaverse experiences will be crucial to the long-term success of individual artists, creators and publishers in a market of digital-native, interaction-hungry fans. This means knowing how to harness new and engaging ways of cultivating existing fan relationships as well as reaching out to new global audiences.

The Hadean Metaverse Academy helps brands, developers and creatives to lead the way into the future of entertainment experiences in the Metaverse. Our educational pathways will cover how to:


Delight your audience

Create functional and fun Metaverse experiences around your brand, creative output and IP that capture and retain attention in a competitive entertainment landscape.


Find the right fit

Align a cutting edge Metaverse strategy with core creative and business activities.


Leverage business intelligence

Gain insightful data though metaverse experiences and use it to bring extra value to your most passionate fans.

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