Decision Support

Simulate your course of action for data-driven decision-making

Transform Defence Procurement

The Military Metaverse has the potential to significantly improve procurement, new equipment acquisition, and supply chain management in the armed forces and defence. By leveraging the power of advanced simulations, virtual environments, and artificial intelligence, military and government leaders can increase the design and development speed of defence programmes, as well as the most efficient allocation of resources.

Assess Countless Scenarios
By assessing countless “what if”, ahead of a contract award, military leaders can future-proof supply chain planning by identifying and addressing issues prior to prototypes being built. This can lead to considerable cost savings and more efficient capability development.
Optimise Equipment Allocation
With the ability to simulate various deployment scenarios, equipment allocation can be optimised by exploiting data analytics and AI to determine the most efficient and effective distribution of resources and the best strategy.
Access Supplier Data
Faster access to supplier data stored in secure blockchain can provide the military with an immutable, tamper-proof record of the entire supply chain, from initial acquisition to final delivery, allowing greater transparency and reducing the risk of fraud/corruption,
Streamline Collaboration
The Military Metaverse can also streamline the procurement process by facilitating collaboration between stakeholders who can work together in real-time, regardless of their physical location, to develop requirements, review proposals, and make decisions.
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Test & Evaluation Of Defence
Systems And Equipment

Simulate and test equipment in realistic environments, enabling the accelerated
development of new military capability and defence systems.


Analyse Risks Faster

Within the safe and secure synthetic environments provided by the Military Metaverse, research and development teams can test and simulate unlimited scenarios to evaluate risks and outcomes and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.


Consistent T&E Cycle

The Military Metaverse provides an environment that allows for seamless experimentation, where findings can feed directly into modelling and simulation tools, enabling developers to iterate faster and more effectively. This can lead to a consistent and continuous cycle of test and evaluation and ensure more frequent, agile and accurate assessment of concepts and technologies.


Maximise Data Exploitation

Wargaming and training data can be captured, stored, and analysed, in the secure-by-design digital infrastructure of the Military Metaverse assisting. Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the vast amounts of data collected from tests and training can be processed to identify patterns and insights that can help inform the development of new solutions.

Mission Rehearsal

Metaverse-ready simulations and digital twins can equip personnel with the knowledge and information they need for threat-informed and data-driven decision making for training purposes prior to an operation or deployment.


Rehearse, Rinse & Repeat

Exploit immersive mixed reality elements to train more often, faster and at a lower cost, mitigating logistical and organisational expenses.


After Action Review

Assess training outcomes rapidly post sessions/exercise to determine performance improvements and develop advanced tactical knowledge for future application.


Personalised Training

Match objectives and feedback to individual operators for tailored learning and impactful mission rehearsal.

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